Dinner Menu

Zensai/ Tapas/Share Plates





Poached Lobster Terrine

Poached lobster tail with local summer vegetables

Chilled Chawanmushi

Savory egg custard with mixed mushrooms, topped with sea urchin and salmon roe

Crispy Seared Octopus Salad

(Vegetarian option)

Celery slaw, pine nuts, walnut oil dressing.

Vegetarian option- With Tofu




Aburi Salmon Donburi

Seared salmon, ikura, spring onions on top of sushi rice

Yakiniku Steak Donburi

Rib eye slices, spring onions, nori on top of rice

Yakitori Donburi

Chicken slices, spring onion, nori on top of rice

Chilled Tempura Udon

(Vegetarian option)

Udon noodles in kelp broth served with prawn tempura and seasonal vegetables





Choice of matcha green tea, sesame, raspberry sorbet [vegetarian, vegan]

Matcha Crème Brûlée

House-made green-tea flavored crème Brûlée

Matcha Roll Cake

Matcha sponge cake with whipping cream

*Meat products all locally sourced from Leavoy Rowe Beef Co.




Edamame / 6
Hapas original marinated chilled soybeans


Kimchi / 4

House made spicy pickled cabbage


Goma-Ae/ 6

Seasonal vegetables with black sesame dressing


Tuna Tataki / 16
Lightly seared Ahi tuna with ponzu sauce


Sizzling Wagyu / 17
Self-sear American Kobe beef, ponzu sauce, green onion, house-made garlic chips


Wagyu Meat Balls / 14
American Kobe Wagyu beef, king oyster mushrooms, pine nuts, sesame seeds, onion, garlic, maple syrup teriyaki sauce


Pork Belly Lettuce Wraps / 12
Crispy pork belly, apple yuzu jam, spicy miso, pickled red onion, red-leaf lettuce


Saba / 12
Seared marinated mackerel


Beef Carpaccio / 9
Thinly sliced beef tenderloin, parmesan cheese, arugula, olive oil, garlic chips, worchester aioli


Beef Short Ribs / 17
Grilled AAA beef short ribs, apple soy marinade jalapeño coleslaw


Lobster Crudo / 18
3oz lobster grade sashimi tail, golden beets, cilantro aioli, yuzu red wine vinaigrette, tobiko


Grilled Ika / 14

Grilled squid, soy saké garlic marinade


Karaage / 12
Boneless Japanese style fried chicken with choice of: Soy-honey sweet garlic or traditional served with Japanese mayo


Ebi Mayo / 14
Tempura-battered prawns, spicy mayo sauce


Mac & Cheese Motoyaki  / Lobster 9 / Sea Urchin 8
Classic mac & cheese topped with selection of lobster or sea urchin


Tempura / 9
Prawn & seasonal vegetables


Hapa Sliders / 8 each
Choice of seared salmon, ahi tuna or chicken karaage.


Fish Tacos / 14
Tempura cod, lettuce, jalapeño coleslaw, tomato, shoestring potato, teriyaki sauce. 2 tacos per order


Duck Breast / 18
Pan seared duck breast, seasonal vegetables, celeriac puree, teriyaki pomegranate sauce


Rib Eye / 18
8oz rib eye

Salad/Rice/Noodles/Teishoku Bento Box

hapa-izakaya-ocean-wise-extra-small Shabu Shabu Salad / 12
Pork slices, lettuce, poached egg, cherry tomato, cucumber, white sesame dressing


hapa-izakaya-ocean-wise-extra-smallAvocado Tofu Salad /12
Mixed greens, tofu, avocado, daikon with sesame dressing


 Ishiyaki -Hot stone rice bowl / 14


 Feature Ramen (Egg noodle) / 14


 Feature Udon (Wheat noodle) / 15



Teishoku Bento Box Available from 5pm-9pm

Teishoku / 20
Prawn & vegetable tempura (2 prawns) goma ae, California roll, Rice bowl- Choice of pork belly rice or ahi tuna poke bowl


Teishoku / 30
Takoyaki, Uni sashimi, Dynamite roll, Rice bowl- Choice of pork belly rice or ahi tuna poke bowl


Teishoku / 45
Lobster sashimi, Chopped scallop roll, 4oz Rib Eye steak, Chirashi Rice bowl with assorted sashimi on sushi rice



Add a glass of Sapporo, a mixed drink or 3oz glass of saké to any bento box for $5

hapa-izakaya-ocean-wise-extra-small Ocean Wise 

Hapa is proud to offer certified Oceanwise sustainable seafood

Gluten Free | GF

Hapa Izakaya is proud to provide gluten free dishes.

hapa-izakaya-ocean-wise-extra-small Sushi Roll

Aburi Salmon / 18
Sockeye Salmon, Ikura, avocado, cucumber, asparagus, daikon oroshi, spicy mayo


The 6IX / 19
Prawn tempura, Snow crab, tobiko, avocado, cucumber, wasabi mayo, teriyaki sauce


Hapa / 20
Ahi tuna, Snow crab, tobiko, avocado, mayo


Fire Cracker / 18
Ahi tuna, tobiko, cucumber, avocado, spicy mayo


Chopped Scallop / 20
Chopped scallops, tobiko, tempura flakes, cucumber, prawn tempura, spicy mayo, teriyaki sauce.

hapa-izakaya-ocean-wise-extra-small Sashimi 4 Pieces per order

Bincho Maguro / 8
Albacore Tuna


Aka Maguro / 8
Ahi Tuna


Sake / 9

Sockeye Salmon


Hamachi / 10


Sashimori / 25
Chef’s omakase (8pc)




Tempura Udon / 15
Udon noodles with side of assorted vegetable tempura


Veggie Tempura / 9
Assorted vegetable tempura


Tofu Avocado Salad/ 9
Arugula,tofu, avocado, daikon radish, black sesame dressing




Cucumber / 5
Sesame oil, sesame seeds, soy, salt and pine nuts


Midori Salad/ 8
Mix greens, citrus soy dressing


Veggie Roll/ 10
Avocado cucumber, asparagus, sesame seeds


Edamame / 5
Boiled soybeans with sea salt


We offer a family style Prix Fixe menu for 2 or 4-16. $50 per person.
This menu allows our patrons to taste a collection of our favourites and our seasonal menu items.


Call us for inquires and to make your reservation today.


We put our own twist on dessert with Japanese ingredients and modern techniques.

Ice Cream (per scoop) / 4
Hapa’s house made Ice cream
Flavors – Sesame, Matcha, feature flavor, feature sorbet



Matcha Crème Brûlée / 7
Green tea crème brûlée


Drink Specials

Every day we have a different drink special so you have an excuse to come all week.

1/2 price bottle Wine & Sake (750ml)


Draught Day
Sapporo, Miller Lite, MGD, Lagunitas IPA
Glass (16oz) / 5
Strongbow Apple Cider Glass  / 6


Tiger Beer /6 Tiger bucket /20       Highballs $6 single / $12 Double



Sake Flight
Three kinds of Sake, 1 oz each (3oz) / 10


Cocktail Funday
All signature Hapa cocktails/ 10

If you have any questions about any allergies or ingredients feel free to give us a call.