Wings with truffle shaving, parmigiano reggiano and butter. $18

One of the pieces of karaage will be a spicy surprise! $13

Roasted Japanese peppers with olive oil, shichimi and sea salt. $11

Tempura-battered prawns, spicy mayo sauce. $16

House marinated jerk chicken, jalapeño coleslaw, spring onions. 2 per order. $14

House cut fries with shichimi and salt. $6

Oceanwise shrimp, jalapeño coleslaw, lettuce, tomatoes, matchstick potatoes, Kewpie mayo. 2 per order. $14

House cut fries, parmesan cheese with Japanese spice. $8

Oceanwise line caught cod, jalapeño coleslaw, lettuce, tomatoes, matchstick potatoes, Kewpie mayo. 2 per order. $14

Roasted broccoli with sea salt and shichimi spice. Yuzu Japanese mayo aioli $9

The Porky Spring Roll – House roasted Canadian pork belly, mozzarella cheese, onion, peppers. Soy maple balsamic glaze. $12

Romaine lettuce, Parmigiano-Reggiano, watermelon radish, bacon panko, wasabi caesar dressing. $13

Boiled edamame beans with Himalayan salt. $6

Boneless Japanese style fried chicken served with Japanese mayo. $12

Romaine lettuce, avocado, pine nuts, Parmesan cheese, yuzu red wine dressing. $14

Fried brussel sprouts with sea salt and shichimi spice. $9

Sushi + Sashimi

Aburi Organic Salmon -Four pieces of lightly torched organic salmon sashimi $11

Four pieces of lightly torched big eye tuna sashimi $11

Four pieces of organic salmon sashimi $11

Four pieces of big eye tuna sashimi. $11

Tuna, avocado, cucumber with teriyaki & spicy mayo. Topped with tobiko $17

Prawn tempura, snow crab, avocado, cucumber. Unagi sauce & spicy mayo. Topped with tobiko. $17

Organic salmon, tuna, avocado, cucumber. Teriyaki & spicy mayo. Topped with tobiko $81


House marinated jerk chicken, rice, red beans, banana peppers, spring onions and butter. Side of jalapeño coleslaw. Mixed in our sizzling hot stone bowl! $15

6 pieces of seared scallops with seasonal veggies on top of steamed rice. $18

6 oz. Canadian AAA choice strip loin, seasonal veggies on steamed rice. $19.5

6 oz. of salmon with seasonal veggies on steamed rice. $18

Aged white cheddar, furikake mornay motoyaki sauce. $14

Rice, sautéed mixed mushrooms, artichoke chips, nori, scallions, white truffle oil and truffle shavings. $17


Peanut crust, peanut butter mousse, mascarpone cream topped with honey roasted peanuts! This 5″ peanut butter pies are quite satisfying and serve 1-2 people. $14


Black sesame, matcha green tea, azuki red bean $5

Selection of desserts